Christmas in the Garden

You see the problem was that there were just too many delicious recipes that we wanted to make for Christmas and we were worried that we would get too full. So our room mate Steven hatched the idea of a Christmas Tasting Menu. We celebrated on Christmas Eve Day since I was working on Christmas. There were eight of us for dinner, which started around two in the afternoon and lasted well into the night. Each person prepared a tapas sized course and paired their course with a beverage. The next person up on the menu did the washing up and then plated their course. The result was an epic garden party and a feast fit for kings.

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    1. Michelle says:

      I loved every thing about this Summer Christmas…This reminder me so much about Trinidad, because it’s Summer all year long! Happy Holidays and have a fabulous New Year! BTW, you look great and you even look much slimmer. Love and miss you lots!!!

    2. Mom M says:

      I can almost smell the delicasies!

    3. Jamie Shea says:

      Amazing pics friends!! miss you!

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