See You in the World!

Wanaka patch-0185

Today we leave Wanaka. We have been here for 8 months, which is long enough to make good byes quite hard. Last night was my final shift at work, followed by an amazing last staff meal, good bye drinks and loads of hugs at our local watering hole. Some of our friends are those whom I’ve worked side by side with since I started work in December. And some are those whom I’ve just met, but could tell right away that we are cut from the same cloth. So because it was hard to say good bye, we didn’t really. See you next year in the Czech Republic.  See you when we eat New York together. See you in France when I stay at your parent’s house. See you when we’re 50 and bring our kids back to Wanaka.  See you somewhere, some time, out there in the world!

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    1. Mom M says:

      Travel safely…keep in touch.
      Much love

    2. Cousin Alyse says:

      Oh tear.
      I’m a little nostalgic for you guys already!
      It’s hard moving on!! Beautiful post about your time learning to be a chef, Christina! So amazing!
      Happy travels.
      Can’t wait for that pig on a spit!

      • Stina says:

        Thanks for the tear, we let a few slip out as well. And I think our spit animal of choice will have to be a lamb. A tribute to NZ!

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